About Us

GreenVane Services is an environmentally focussed business who works with you and for you. We will help you to assess your current and future business development plans and find the funding you need to proceed with them.
Tractor Funds

We have over 20 years’ experience of working in Government and with the various agencies and know how difficult it can be to sort through the red tape. We aim to take all of the hard work out of researching for grants – helping many farmers to get the funding that they both need and deserve.

In addition, competition for grants or funding is high. The application process itself can seem daunting when looking at the number of supporting documents and calculations that accompany the application. Using our knowledge of Government, we can also complete the application on your behalf – working with you and the relevant agency to ensure that all the required information is included and give you the best chance of receiving funding.

We understand there is a real need for someone to work on behalf of the farmers and it is from this that GreenVane Services has grown.

So to put it simply, you can get on with the work you do best while we get on with what we do best – researching and applying for those all-important extra funds.